How to Choose Radio Controlled Cars?

How to Choose Radio Controlled Cars?

Girls play with dolls and teddy bears when they are little. But for boys, they play around with toy cars. The only difference between girls and boys is that once women have grown, they get married and stop playing with their playthings. But for boys, they continue playing with their toy cars even when they are adults.

Most men are addicted to buying new gadgets every time they are released to the market. And Remote controlled (RC) cars are among the devices that every man wants to have. These cars continue to increase in popularity thanks to their unique design. There are mainly two reasons why people love these toys. First, they can be controlled from far distances, and second, they have a remote control.

Driving an RC toy car is an excellent hobby, regardless of your age. Even as a grown up, you are not too old to have fun and play around with these radio cars. But, since there are many models in the market, choosing the perfect one can be quite challenging. Here are some things to consider when buying remote-controlled cars.

How to Choose a RC Car

  1. Ease of Use

Ease of use matters a lot when it comes to these toys. The last thing you want is a gadget that will give you a hard time to operate. Not only will it make your play difficult, but you’ll also have wasted your money. It’s thus essential that you choose a radio car that is relatively easy to operate.

One of the reasons why RC cars are preferred over other racing vehicles is because they come with a frequency of 2.3 GHz, which means one can operate them at their level of convenience. However, as much as you are looking for a toy that’s simple to use, remember that adult RC cars are different from those used by kids. Their mode of operation is different, and therefore, they’ll require some skills to operate.

But even though simplicity is essential, bear in mind that adults always want an aggressive car that can smoothly run in rough terrains and last for a longer time, hence giving them more playtime.

  1. Speed

Toy cars that are not fast make the game a bit boring. Remote controlled cars are interesting when they move with high speed. Many people always prioritize speed when buying these toys. And thanks to advanced speed features of RC, that has been made possible. RC car that is able to reach up to 30 to 40 miles per hour can be a lot of fun. And that is where gas-powered RC cars outshine the other ones. However, if you prefer one with less speed, then you should purchase that one.

  1. Strength of the Motor

Adults are rough sometimes. For this reason, their adult toys need to be stronger to withstand the roughness and last longer. You don’t want to buy a car that will serve you only for a few years. That’s why many people choose an RC car with powerful motors as it is extra vigorous and agile and can withstand being driven on rough terrains.

  1. Operation Distance and Battery Life

The most thrilling factor about using gadgets operated by remote is that you can use them over long distances. RC cars for adults normally cover a wide range, 30 to 40 meters or beyond. It’s wise you go for such a model as it is more convenient. You should also choose one that can last for a long time without the need of recharging it every other time. These two features make it fun and easy to use. You can operate it at far distances without worrying about running out of battery.

  1. Special Features

No one loves plain things. And the situation is not different when it comes to radio-controlled cars. Most of them are fitted with special features to make them more fun and enjoyable to use. For instance, some come with strong wheels that enable the toy to go over a bump easily. There are also RC cars that are waterproof, Yes! you read that right. Waterproof generally provides more surfaces where you can drive the car, as you can easily move over puddles and off-ramps when snowing.

Special features add some uniqueness in a product. Keep in mind that spare parts and car accessories are also additional features you need to look out for.

One more thing, pay attention to the design of a particular model. If your car is not appealing, you won’t be thrilled to play with it. Buy a model that is sleek, classy, and most trendy. The color should also be attractive.


There are many of these cars in the market all which vary in performance and efficiency. To save you time and money, it’s wise that you look out for the factors we’ve mentioned above. RC cars are a worthwhile investment. But ensure that you land your hands on the best model available in the market.