How to Drift a RC Car?

How to Drift a RC Car?

Remote controlled cars are the newest thrill among men of all ages. And why shouldn’t they be? They are fun, fast and above all, remote controllable. Driving one is thrilling as it’s pretty much like a real car with an engine, wheels, and fuel. And just like driving on the actual roads, even with this car one needs to negotiate turns and avoid collisions.

But the real challenge for many individuals is to drift their cars. Drifting isn’t an easy process, and it requires some level of expertise. One needs to maneuver sharp corners, something that’s difficult even for professional drivers.

Of course, experience puts you at a better place, but, you also should know how to modify your car. Here is how you go about drifting your RC car.

What is RC Car Drifting?

It is wise that we start our discussion from this point. Drifting involves oversteering your vehicle through different turns. The fun part of it is controlling your car through those turns and sharp corners without causing an accident and under minimal traction.

The first drivers to drift RC cars were from Japan. Most people use electric models for this process, although some individuals may use nitro or gas powered RC vehicles models. For people who don’t own an RC drift car, they can still modify the models they have so that their vehicles can drift easily. That involves replacing tires, brakes, shocks, and weight balance.

What Should You Have to Drift RC Car?

  1. Design

RC drift cars come with different unique designs. But, they’re costly. However, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have one. You can paint or design yours using LED lights, flared guards, and roll cages, among other things, to make it stand out.

  1. Wheels

Low traction wheels will help you remain in control when oversteering. Experts advise that you use tires with ABS plastic as they’re long-lasting. But one can also consider using those with PVC piping as they feature physical hardness. These two types of tires ensure that you’re always in control and they’re cheaper than models made for drifting purposes only.

General RC Car Drifting Rules

Like any other game, driving RC cars also comes with some guidelines that have been set aside by drifting organizations such as D1 Grand Prix. Knowing these guidelines is wise as it’ll help you avoid breaking the rules. Criteria include factors such as:

Angle- excessive steeping input and understeers are closely monitored. Also, smooth transitions mainly from opposite directions are applauded.

Line- it is identified by clipping zones. You should come close to it while driving.

Note that drifting competitions have not been placed under categories because of the various modifications done on cars. In fact, some people modify their vehicles using parts from other manufacturers. But, individuals can enter tandem competitions where one is paired with another car.

What Control Skills Do I Need?

Counter-steering is very important when drifting. In ordinary cases, the driving force is steered to the front and back wheels. But when drifting, much power is felt by the rear wheels which tend to turn faster than those in front. Counter-steer skills are therefore essential as they’ll help you remain in charge.

Where to Drift RC Car?

There aren’t any specific areas to drift on. As long as you have wide-open smooth surfaces, you can practice drifting. Those who can access local road tracks can also join drift events. Bear in mind that you’ll be judged according to the racing line, speed, and angle of drift when competing in drifting events.

How to Drift RC Car?

Practice is required for one to be an expert drifter. You can begin drifting on the second half or exit of a corner. Here are, however, some drifting tips for beginners.

  1. Always drive on a straight line and be consistent with throttle control. Avoid sudden change of direction as this will throw your car off balance.
  1. Once you reach the apex of a corner, accelerate hard to make the rear break loose.
  1. When your car’s rear begins sliding, turn your steering wheel in the opposite direction, apply throttle and steady the drift such that your controls start returning to their neutral position.


RC car drifting is an excellent hobby although at first, it may seem hard. But once you master the art, you’ll realize that it’s fun. Remember that speed and angle of drift are the vital components checked. Also, when buying a drift car, consider its speed and fundamental differences such as its tire course, suspension, and motor as well as battery placement. Still not sure if RC Cars are for you? Here are top 10 reasons why should consider buying an RC Car.