The new generation of toys - kendama, fidget spinners, slime and squishy

The new generation of toys - kendama, fidget spinners, slime and squishy


21 st century kids have a choice of a wide range of toys and gadgets of the latest generation: from Magformers to Marble Runs, Snap Circuit, talking pens which read stories and high-tech gadgets, all these toys significantly improve cognitive, motor and social skills.


But in this technology world, toys like fidget spinners and kendamas have found their role to become quite important and widespread entertainment items among children, adolescents and even adults. There are also squishies and slimes which are pleasant to the touch and very cute and give you the relaxation you need.


Here below you can find more about this series of toys that changed the world and built a new way of amusement, game and pleasure.


Kendama and Fidget Spinners


In each of us there is a certain need to do something repetitive, rhythmic and motric to calm us down and have the satisfaction of repeatedly obtaining a success that comes pretty quickly. Some prefer to punch the bubble wrap bags, others to play with their hair on their fingers or to bite their nails, but more and more choose to calm down in a fun way with fidget spinners or kendamas.



Children and adolescents, who are more agitated, find a remedy in these games. Some prefer the fidget spinner because it has a reassuring effect on them. Others prefer kendamas for the diversity of tricks and the satisfaction of always catching the ball in the most varied positions.




Each of these toys has the effect of relaxing and training the user’s mind, improving patience. Progressive repetitions also develop the brain and activate neural networks that transfer the brain’s attention to simpler, non-stressful activities which improves it.


Although they are small, these toys have captured the world’s attention and became popular in a fairly short time. Their common benefits are that they keep the children away from TV, tablet and other gadgets, they calm and educate patience, they develop fine motor skills and eye-to-hand coordination, they improve socialization and challenge children in real play (who turns the spinner best, who is the most skillful kendama player), and they increase focus and improve attention.


More information about fidget spinners you can find on News Hour Education website.



Slime and Squishy


Just like the famous spinner fidget, a squishy or a slime is based on the same principle - it allows users to free themselves of stress through repetitive movements. In the case of a squishy, it is about tossing, compressing, squashing the toy and then releasing it while in the case of a slime, it is about the sensation it gives you when you hold it.


Mochi Squishy Toys


Slime can either be bought or can be done in the house. It is an affordable hobby which involves cheap ingredients and a lot of fun. The good part when it is prepared at home is that children use their dexterity, creativity and ingenuity, and do not spend time in front of the screens. There are so many video recipes on YouTube on how to make a slime that it even opens children’s appetite for chemistry!


The latest toy star is squishy. It comes in a lot of shapes and sizes, ranging from fruits, sweets and other foods to animals, unicorns, emoji and many others. The soft figurines are colorful, cheerful and exude a pleasant smell. It is well-known for its anti-stress effect which is generated by three factors - the first one is visual, as it is very cheerful, the second one is touch because of its texture and slow recovery of the toy and the third one is olfactory since it gives such pleasant smell.




The Squishy comes in several variants, many of which are in the form of a keychain or it can even hung as an accessory from your bag or backpack. This interactive anti-stress toy can be perfect for anyone and can help both adults and children relax at work or school.


Studies show that repetitive movements such as flattening a squishy can improve concentration and the ability to retain information. Compressing a squishy can also improve reflexes and can be a calm activity.


Regardless of the way in which toys evolve and develop in time, their main purpose is to promote abilities and skills that help children grow and progress. It is true that their toys do not resemble anymore with what we used to play when we were children and it is very normal, it is a normal development of times, perceptions and taste.


Toys nowadays stimulate the child’s creative forces, inflate fantasy, and generate new desires, preferences, emotions, feelings and interests. No matter if they choose a fidget spinner or a squishy, toys should stimulate the children’s sensory, perceptual, imaginative and notional senses.


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