Top 10 toys that target your child's creativity

Top 10 toys that target your child's creativity

Toys are fundamental in the process of development of a child, they represent the origin of a strong, desired and lasting relationship. It is because they are associated with pleasure that game proves to be the most effective means of learning. They are the leading manufacturer of intelligence because toys multiply and stabilize the neural patterns that the child will need later for more academic or intellectual tasks.


Here you can find an indicative list of toys that stimulate a child’s creativity and imagination and encourage them to improvise games and become more active.


1. Modeling dough


It is cheap, simple and does wonders in developing a child’s creativity and imagination; it is one of the simple toys of childhood that should not be missing from your child’s collection.

2. Squishy Toys


These kind of toys have taken are so loved by kids around the world at the moment. They come in all sizes and shapes and kids adore to squish, play with them by themselves or simply use them as their companions.

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3. Lego bricks


Lego toys are very popular among children and are enjoyed both by boys and girls. Not only are they fun, but they also develop the creative side of the little ones. Lego develops cognitive and spatial orientation, observation, and sense of proportion. By actively engaging in building play, especially if more children are involved, personal, socio-emotional development is stimulated through exploration, questioning, thinking and communication. This is how teamwork skills are developed, understanding people’s differences, creating a psychological relationship with others, built on respect and demand.



4. Wooden blocks


Colored or not, they stimulate children to turn them all over, overlap and form different towers or robots from them.


Top 10 toys that target your child's creativity


5. Wooden train set


Train sets with all their accessories will capture children’s attention for hours and develop their imagination and creativity as they can create their own stories in their crowded city. The track rail is easy to assemble and goes through a story décor because the train can climb and descend from the mountains, the children can create many intersections and dangerous curves, an exhilarating trip for them. Train sets are large enough to be used by more children at a time.


6. Cardboard boxes


Boxes of cereals, a parcel, shoe boxes or even the boxes from toys can be turned into the most fun toys; the child breaks them, cuts them, sticks things on them, colors them and gives them “life” in figures, robots, doll houses, cars and all kinds of other things.


7. Drawing/ painting


Paper and colored pencils is all a child needs so that his imagination unleashes and draws or colors the most creative and interesting works of art. There are also on the market cardboard tents that can be colored or painted just as the kid pleases.


8. Outdoor playhouse/ tent


Large toys give great pleasure to children especially when we are talking about a playhouse. This becomes their place of story and imagination. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be placed in the child’s room, where they can store their toys or outside in the garden giving the child the opportunity to play in a variety of ways, alone or with other children. They can also be accessorized with tunnels, a kitchen set, basketball hoop or even a slide.


9. Play kitchen set


It helps children develop fine motor skills, imagination and learn how to keep things in order. Combining learning and fun, your child learns how to use different cooking accessories. Sometimes these types of sets come with vegetables and fruits that make the kitchen more realistic. Using their imagination, the little ones can create menus and can cook for the whole family.


10. Puzzles


Some puzzles are very creative, while others focus more on math and logic. Solving these types of games develop imagination and encourage creativity. They are extremely useful tools for developing your child’s skill and artistic sense. They are attractive and keep the child focused while trying to decipher, at his own pace, the hidden image of the puzzle.



The game is the basic activity of the child and the way in which he develops himself, just as work is the basic activity for the adult. Toys play an important role in the child’s life from the first months of life. A toy should not be only an entertainment tool but also an instrument to shape a child’s education. Toys must stimulate the child to explore, develop his creativity, encourage the desire to discover and express self-expression.

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