What are RC Construction Vehicles?

What are RC Construction Vehicles?

- Laegendary Brand Team

Do you remember how we used to admire the sheer size and power of construction vehicles as kids — and wished we could ride in one or even operate one later in life?

Well, today comes your chance to satisfy your kid's odd craving for construction vehicles.

The world appears to enjoy the thrill of running RC construction sites and watching the equipment in action even more. Using RC construction vehicles, families can enjoy turning boring, dirt-filled backyards into fun mini-construction sites. 

During the construction process, parents invite their kids to use their imagination to build and create. For that reason, we're going to explore the world of RC construction vehicles, starting from the basics.

What are RC Construction Vehicles?

Remote control construction vehicles are replicas of real construction vehicles. Popularly known as RC construction vehicles, these are self-powered model construction vehicles that you control from a distance with a remote control or specialized transmitter.

RC construction vehicles have different construction levels:

  • Toy-grade RC construction vehicles: These are the least pricey RC construction vehicles that are best for children's construction projects
  • Hobby-grade RC construction vehicles: Also ready-to-run grade, are excellent for RC enthusiasts
  • Hydraulic replica grade RC construction vehicles: They are an excellent option for people who take RC vehicles seriously

Whatever RC construction machinery you pick, your best shot is with a grade that suits your needs.


What are the Different Types of RC Construction Vehicles?

Whether it's a mini excavation, lifting, or dumping, RC construction is all about moving heavy loads. Each construction task requires different types of RC construction vehicles and there's a mix of great models to choose from. 

Let's explore the basic ones.

1. RC Crawler Excavator — Excellent for RC Digging and Landscape Grading

The RC crawler excavator is a solid piece of machinery for digging trenches, holes, and foundations in your RC construction site. You can also use the machinery to move stones and soil. 

RC excavators feature: 

  • A multi-functional RC tractor vehicle: It's a heavy steel fork with multi-functional controls that puts every part of the construction vehicle under your command.
  • Improved speed and performance: The machine has three separate motors on the digging arm that's combined with a cabin that rotates 680-degrees to allow you to dig in any direction.
  • A 2.4 GHz remote control system: The multi-functional controls allow you to transform your backyard into a construction site.

RC Excavator | Laegendary

2. RC Mini Forklift

RC Mini Forklift is the best machinery available to pick objects from the ground, then raise them to move them from one point to another. The machine features:

  • Dual functioning: You can remove the fork and replace it with a hook to get two different vehicles — you get a forklift and crane rolled up in one cool truck.
  • Superior performance: It has an excellent run that allows you to operate it both indoors and outdoors.
  • Eight-channel remote control: It can serve the dual function excellently. However, it's a bit of a challenge to operate the remote for first-timers.

3. RC Dump Truck

The RC Dump Truck carries loads of dirt, and it moves materials from one place to another. Combining an RC dump truck with RC Excavator delivers serious digging power into the hands of your child. The RC Dump Truck features:

  • Rubber tires and a full swinging flatbed with tailgate: It can move forward, backward, left, right. Can carry up to 7 lbs plus a full swinging flatbed and tailgate!
  • Light and sounds: The two give the truck a distinctive look and let it perform just like a real truck.
  • Ten-channel 2.4 GHz radio control system: You can control the tipper in all directions.

RC Dump Truck | Laegendary

4. RC Tower Crane

RC tower cranes are excellent at lifting heavy loads without tipping over. The machine features:

  • Die-cast alloy hook up and down: The hook is a heavy-duty metal that can carry heavy loads without tipping over.
  • High-quality rubber tires: The tires are high-grade and move smoothly over most terrain. However, it isn't an all-terrain RC vehicle because it can get stuck in the grass.
  • Incredible performance: The RC Tower Crane performs like crazy, doing everything it's supposed to do, and hooks uploads without any assistance.

5. RC Buckster Front Loader

RC Buckster Front Loader is the tool you'll need to dig, lift, and move material from the ground into a dump truck or another location. The RC Front Loader includes:

  • Improved speed and performance: The Leagendary front loader has a powerful motor, an upgraded servo for faster turns, and extra channels that move the metal arm and the scoop for true dumping motion.
  • Multifunctional Control: The RC Front Loader comes with multi-functional controls that put every part of the construction under your command — you can move sand and rock with no problem.
  • 4WD: Instead of tracks, the RC Buckster Front Loader can accomplish a great deal of work in a short time.
RC Front Loader | Laegendary

Now that you know the types of RC construction vehicles, here's a follow-up question:


How To Build the Best RC Construction Site in Your Backyard?

Transforming your backyard into an RC construction site starts with site evaluation, site set out, to excavation and earthwork. Let's start from the beginning.

Evaluate Your Backyard 

As with real construction, your project will start with identifying the best part of your backyard to do the RC construction work. Pick a place that will best fit the size of your mini-project.

Conduct RC Construction Site Surveying and Set Out

Next, line out where your construction will happen in your backyard. You can use mapping or pegs to locate the boundaries of the new construction work.


  • Access roads for your RC Construction vehicle
  • Storage areas for supplies
  • Location of the drainage system
  • Where the excavation process will occur

Clear the Site

After surveying and defining everything, remove any underground wood, under-bush, and rocks to a distance of approximately 3 meters away from the RC excavation site.

If the topsoil is good, you can proceed with the RC excavation.

RC Site Excavation and Earthwork

Now it's time for excavation and earthwork. Dig in soft dirt, sand, or even till dirt to prepare your site. The soft dirt has a low impact on your RC construction vehicle and will unlikely damage it.

The only problem with using soft dirt is that it requires more setup work beforehand to remove unseen rock, debris, and roots that could damage the machine.


What to Remember When Buying Any RC Construction Vehicle

If you're new to the world of RC construction vehicles, you may find it challenging and confusing to get started due to several factors to take into consideration. For instance, consider the type of RC construction vehicle equipment you're going to buy and other factors such as:

  • RC excavator for digging
  • A loader to move material from the ground into the dump truck
  • Dump truck to move equipment from one place to another
  • Crane for lifting heavy stuff
  • Forklift for picking objects from the ground, then raising them to move

Irrespective of the purpose, any RC construction equipment can be lots of fun for any age. All you have to do is find a good quality one and have fun with it.