Frequently Asked Questions

An RC car is a radio-controlled car. But in less-simple terms, an RC car is a fast ticket to fun on tracks, gravel, dirt, and beyond. Whether you’re racing with friends, making jumps, or crawling on rocks – RC cars are designed to offer you speed, performance, and excitement – just like the real thing. 

Have you ever wanted to navigate a truck through swirling water, over massive boulders, and around tricky hairpin turns only to open it up on the straightaway and drift around the bend while spitting up a cloud of dust? RC cars give you the bird’s eye view to do it all. Need more reasons to buy an RC car? Here’s why you should consider buying an RC Car.

Whether you’re a diehard hobbyist or an RC beginner, RC cars combine the excitement of driving with the relaxing and rewarding process of building, customizing, and perfecting your favorite car.

When it comes to the scale of your RC car, the lower the number the larger the car. A 1:8 scale RC car is eight times smaller than the real thing would be. If you think that sounds large, you’re right! A 1:8 scale RC car will guarantee big clouds of dust, big speed, and BIG fun. 

Trying to envision how large your 1:8 scale RC car might be? Our brushless 1:8 scale Nitro RC Car measures exactly 11.6 inches wide and 21 inches long. Transporting a 1:8 scale RC to a park or track? Expect it to occupy a healthy portion of your 1:1 scale vehicle’s trunk.

Some drivers recommend 1:8 scale RC cars for their high top-end speed, strong durability, and ease of driving. But whether you’re a diehard hobbyist or an RC car beginner, there’s no getting past the fact that a 1:8 scale RC car or truck is all about supersizing the experience.

1:10 scale indicates that your RC car is one tenth the size of the real thing. Also known as “10th scale,” this is one of the most common sizes of RC cars, and still considered a “large scale” RC. While every 10th scale RC car will vary in terms of size, a typical 1:10 scale RC truck will be about the size of a large watermelon. 

For example, the Legend Monster truck measures 12 inches wide and 13 inches long, while the Grando RC rock crawler measures 9.37 inches wide by 21.45 inches long. See the Grando take on rocks, boulders and more to get a feel for the size of a 1:10 scale RC truck in-action. 

1:10 RC Rock Crawler GRANDO by LAEGENDARY

A 1:12 scale RC car is one twelfth the size of the real deal. For example, if the “real” version of a car is 12 feet long, a “12th scale” version of the same car would be 12 inches long. Like 1:10 and 1:8 scale, 1:12 scale RC cars and trucks will still feel quite large compared to smaller scale models. 1:12 scale RC cars generally measure between 8-10 inches wide and 12-17 inches long.

Like other large scale RC cars, 1:12 scale RCs offer a great blend of speed and maneuverability while retaining enough size to still offer an incredible level of realistic detail.

1:14 scale means that your RC car or truck is one fourteenth the size of the “real thing”. In the case of the Laegendary RC Tipper Dump Truck, for example, that’s 18 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 7.3 inches high. In this case, every inch of the 1:14 scale RC equals 14 inches on the real dump truck. 

1:14 TIPPER Dumptruck - RC Construction

On a 1:16 scale RC car, every inch represents 16 inches on the “real” thing. Naturally, this makes a 1:16 scale RC car smaller than the more common 1:10 scale size. For example, the 1:16 scale RC Car measures 9.25 inches wide and 10.2 inches long. 

A 1:16 scale RC car offers a great balance of speed and maneuverability, and will handle jumps and everything you throw at it without sacrificing fun. Still, 1:16 scale RC cars will be much smaller and easier to transport than their larger cousins.

A 1:18 scale RC car is one eighteenth the size of a real car. In other words, if you were to point a magic wand at your 1:18 scale RC car and magically transform it into the “real” thing, each inch would transform into 18 inches, so be careful where you use that wand!

If you’re looking for an example, the Laegendary Sting 1:18 scale RC Car is 7.7 inches wide and 9 inches long. Compared to the 1:10 scale Legend RC Car at 9.37 inches wide by 21.45 inches long – it’s easy to see how quickly sizes can increase with scale. 

Cleaning an RC car is easy and usually only requires a can of compressed air, a brush, an all-purpose cleaner, and a can of WD-40® brand (or similar light oil). If you only run your RC car on grass or pavement you may not need to clean quite as often. Follow these basic steps to clean your RC car. For Laegendary RC cars, refer to your user manual for specific instructions on cleaning your RC car safely.

1. Remove the batteries then blow and brush away loose debris and caked-on mud with your compressed air and brush. Periodically check your chassis for damage and debris.

2. Remove the wheels from your RC car and spray all the bearings, drivetrain, and fasteners with WD-40® brand or a similar water-displacing light oil.

3. Clean your wheels thoroughly. Excess mud on wheels and tires can create imbalances. 

4. Let the truck stand or blow it off with compressed air. Placing the truck in a warm, sunny spot will aid drying. Trapped water and oil can continue to drip from the RC car for a few hours, place your RC car on a rag or piece of cardboard to protect the surface underneath.

5. If you’ve run your RC in harsh conditions such as mud, water, or snow, extra cleaning is a smart idea in order to minimize damage, maintain performance, and prevent rust and corrosion. This is especially necessary if you do not plan to use your RC car for an extended period of time after prolonged use in wet conditions.

They may seem like a toy on the surface, but the level of technology and detail in your average RC car can be staggering. To work in the first place, your RC car needs to be powered by either batteries or fuel. Every Laegendary RC car is powered by rechargeable batteries. Some of them (like the Tornado) even come equipped with two batteries and our special double-battery connector for an extra-long runtime.

Why batteries? Because we believe electric powered RC cars offer the perfect blend of tunability and power. Gas powered RC cars are awesome, but they can’t safely be used indoors and they add a few new complexities to maintenance and customization. By fueling our RC cars with batteries, we believe Laegendary RC cars make it easy to get to the fun part faster.   

Once fueled, RC cars operate using radio signals. That means that signals from your RC controller travel all the way to the receiver (or antenna) in the car. This is where radio signals are translated into a specific movement or action, which can be as simple as “turn right” or as specific as “tilt the excavator bucket” or “retract the winch”.

To learn more, check this blog on how RC cars work.

In order to bind your controller with your RC car, you’ll need the receiver, your transmitter, and a binding cable (pictured below). All of these components come standard with most fully-built, hobby-grade RC cars. 

Generally, when an RC car ships with a remote it will come pre-bound. This means you can simply turn it on and go. But you will need to rebind your RC receiver and remote control whenever you replace either. For example, if you upgrade your receiver to increase range or try out a new transmitter, you will need to rebind.

Follow these steps to bind your remote:

1. Turn off the transmitter

2. Press and hold the “bind” button on the transmitter and turn it on. You’ll notice a flashing green light on the transmitter and a flashing light on the receiver.

3. Turn off the transmitter and the RC car and restart. 

4. If your controller still isn’t properly bound to your RC car, repeat the process. 

Learn more about this in our RC Car User Manual.

Every RC car is designed and manufactured to do something a little different, just like the real cars and trucks they’re modeled after!

Consider for instance the Laegendary 1:10 scale Grando Rock Crawler. As a large RC car designed to scramble over rocks, boulders, and other obstacles, it’s been designed with a focus on slow-speed handling, torque, and suspension that can withstand the nonstop up and down of a rough trail. If you’re more interested in speed, an RC car modeled after a race car, like the 1:10 scale Laegendary Sprint, is literally geared for racing on pavement, track, and dirt with a top speed of up to 40MPH.

Resetting your RC car remote is a simple process that can resolve a number of problems that can occur. For most remotes, the process will be similar.

1. Turn off the remote

2. Press and hold the bind button on the remote and turn it on. On Laegendary receivers, there will be a flashing green light on the remote and a slow flashing light on the receiver.

3. Turn off the transmitter and the RC car and restart.

4. If it still does not work, repeat the process.

The best kind of grease for your RC car will depend on your typical operating conditions. The worst kind of grease you can use is none at all. When selecting a grease for your RC car, consider the temperature you’re operating your RC car in, whether or not you need extra water resistance, and how hard you’re running your RC car in general.

The most common grease used in RC cars is white lithium-grease. However, if you’re frequently running your RC car in wet conditions, a grease specifically made to be water resistant is a smart choice.

Wondering what kind of RC car you should buy? If your average RC enthusiast had a good answer for this question, he or she wouldn’t have a small fleet of RC cars! That said, choosing the best RC car will ultimately come down to the type of driving you’d like to do. From rock crawling to racing, there’s truly something for everyone. Want to know about consideration before buying one? Here’s how you can choose RC Cars for adults.

Best RC car for rock crawling: The 1:10 Scale RC Car Grando combines real world style with awesome capabilities on tough terrain. Two transmission levels give beginner and expert drivers ultimate control; switch it into low transmission for incredible torque for pulling and rock crawling, then kick it into high gear for speed in the straightaways.  Attached LEDs and a motorized winch are icing on the (muddy) cake.

1:10 RC Rock Crawler GRANDO by LAEGENDARY

Best RC car for speed, racing, and all-around fun: The Laegendary Sprint is a 1:10 scale brushless RC car that offers serious speed and control. With speeds up to 40MPH right out of the box and multiple speed modes, the Sprint is an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate speed demons itching to tear up track, dirt, and everything in between.

Best RC car for beginners: The 1:10 scale Legend RC car is a great option for kids and adults, whether you’re new to RC or a seasoned pro. Two powerful brushed motors, two batteries, and a special double battery connector work together to offer incredible 4x4 fun. The added ability to run the Legend in low-speed mode makes the 1:10 scale Legend a perfect first RC car or an exhilarating addition to your fleet. See the Legend in action below.


Yes you can replace your RC Controller. Each RC car relies on a radio system to receive instructions from your controller and translate them into actions. You can use virtually any RC controller with any RC car provided the controller has the correct frequency and controls as your original.

If the frequency of your new controller and your car are mismatched, you’re not out of luck. The frequency of your transmitter and receiver can often be adjusted to match. Simply follow your RC car’s binding instructions for your new controller.  The ability to change your frequency can be especially helpful if you and a friend happen to be operating RC controllers on the same frequency, resulting in radio interference.