1600 mAh 7.4V 2S 25C Li-Po Rechargeable Battery – Part Number LG-DJ02

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  • PART NUMBER: LG-DJ02 in your LEGEND user manual
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE: Increase the runtime of your RC car with a battery that will go a distance
  • STABLE PERFORMANCE: It can maintain its voltage longer as the pack is depleted Instead of delivering less and less voltage throughout your run, a LiPo will hold a steady voltage for most of your run, then fall off quickly at the end of the charge
  • BATTERY CARE TIPS: Avoid leaving a charging LiPo battery unattended and store them in LiPo safe bag when not in use Do not leave plugged into your remote-control car after use
  • MORE ENERGY DENSITY: LiPo battery have about four times the energy of density of nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries