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Paddle Off-road Tires/Wheels - Part Number BL-ZJ02A - 2 Pieces


  • PART NUMBER: BL-ZJ02A in your SONIC user manual
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Fits perfectly on  Brushless SONIC truck because it is an original accessory of the SONIC RC car.
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: It is made of high-quality material, brand new and durable

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chad Bell
Not used

I purchased two of the Laegendary Legend 4x4 truck vehicles for Christmas presents and both have already broken down at this point. One will not pull and was making a grinding noise when my son was attempting to drive it. Upon observation, the drive gear on the drive shaft has half way stripped, as if it rides in the vehicle uncentered. This is the only explanation I can give for only half of this gear being rounded off. The second one has stripped a front drive shaft on one side or the other. Either way, it will only pull the rear wheels due to the slipping in the differential, and all power being directed to the axle that isn’t connected/fixed to the axle/wheel. It appears to me that the pin that holds the axle to the hub/wheel has broken or came out. Unsure how it would fall out, but one of the front tires simple free wheels when spun by hand. I would expect that these would tear up eventually, but not after a day and a half of play. Especially since you can only drive it roughly 35-40 minutes between battery charges. I’m not satisfied with my purchase at this point. Is this typical of these vehicles, or did o just get unlucky with two different RC trucks?
Will you all be able to help me on parts for these trucks or should I just return them and get my money back at this point? If these are going to tear up as quickly as they did this go around, I know what I will be doing very soon.
Please get back with me on how you all typically handles these issues.

After sending the message above and not hearing back from Laegendary Customer Support,I ordered the part that I needed to fix both vehicles. Within a few days of replacing the drive shaft gear, it is again stripped. I send this vehicle back to Amazon for a replacement, since it obviously has some alignment issues. As far as the other vehicle goes, it’s fine, but I’ve only ran it for about 5-10 minutes after replacing a front axle. Hopefully it will hold up for the long haul, but I’m certainly not holding my breath on that fact. The parts are obviously made from cheap materials and from my experience do not last.

Look forward to call, some communication regarding my reply and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to provide this. Maybe I can speak with someone with Customer Service after providing my review.


your mom
nice tires

they are good tires

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